DIY / how to sew a sweater / jak przerobić sweter / metamorfoza swetra

Hello, do you have too big blouses or maybe sweaters in your wardrobe ? I have at least few or more... , mostly I bought them because some materials are just irresistible to me , but also too fast shopping without trying on . I must say it, it's huge mistake but it happens... at least to me LOL. And here I come with an answer how to deal with such problem, in this video I want to show you easy and fast way to downsize blouses and change them into waterfall type . In my previous video I was showing how to resize coats, sweaters and blouses simply by creating elastic waistline. Life is so much easier with sewing machine ;-).

How to sew a sweater

diy sweater 

sweater tutorial

how to style a sweater 

Before After diy 



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