Puff Sleeve Cottagecore Blouse Step by step sewing tutorial no pattern needed

Puff Sleeve Cottagecore Blouse Step by step sewing tutorial

 no pattern needed !

Hello👋😀, in this DIY/ thrift flip tutorial I sew Puff Sleeve Cottagecore Blouse .I show you step by step sewing tutorial on how to refashion men's shirt and sew beautiful Milkmaid Puff Sleeve Blouse. The best thing in this project is that you don't need any pattern for it!. I hope this video is easy to follow and you have fun watching it ❗ Let's create something beautiful ❗


         Cottagecore top sewing 

how to sew cottagecore blouse

cottagecore milkmaid top pattern 



  1. hello ! i tried doing this but the part of the bust that should be right under my bust keeps riding up a little bit and there is a strain line on the side. How could i make it fit better ? thank you so much

    1. Hello 😊 adjust the length of the elastic in the sleeves, maybe you need a longer one (a short elastic can cause lifting of the front), the binding in the front may be too tight loosen, did you add allowances for the seam on the sides, for example, 1/4 underbust measurements 21 cm + 1 cm for seam allowance 22 cm , good luck with your project ! 🤗💖


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