how to make patterns for clothes | jak zrobić wykrój

how to make patterns for clothes | jak zrobić wykrój

I'm constantly looking for things which will level up my sewing skills , make sewing more easy , quicker, patterns more fitting, fashionable and cloning clothes faster and easier. One of my latest discoveries is masking tape ! but duck take can be use as well.
This technique makes design perfectly fitting for your unique body and sewing far more easy and fast , thanks this idea you can as well change your old patterns to be more trendy or just correct for you at this moment .
As you can see on my video it's very easy and can be real fan especially when you're doing it with friends . 

how to make patterns for clothes

Wykrój na ubrania jak zrobić 

easy pattern making | blouse , top 

Jak zrobić wykrój bluzki

This method is so universal that you can easy use it as well for making bralets, corsets , corset belts.

Ta metoda jest na tyle uniwersalna, ze można śmiało tworzyć inne rodzaje wykrojów takich jak na przykład  bralety lub miseczki do bluzek  a także  gorsety  oraz paski gorsetowe 

Easy Way to Pattern Your Own Clothes

Jak uszyć bluzkę 

few very little changes and pattern is ready for sewing 

po drobnych poprawkach  wykrój nadaje się do szycia i przerabiania na inne 

ready pattern 

gotowy wykrój bluzki 


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