Diy | Ruffled Denim Mini Skirt | High Waist | Distressed Raw Edge

Diy | Ruffled Denim Mini Skirt

Hello, denim skirts are always on time ! that's why today I want to show you how to sew ruffle denim mini skirt with high waist and distressed raw edge. This refashion is great idea what to do with your old jeans if you don't use them any more. It's always worth to give second life to your clothes !.They may gain your heart again and you may gain the heart of mother earth making less wastes. Jeans are made from thick fabric so I will show you how to gather this type of material, you just need elastic . So let's start sewing ;-)

DIY Denim Ruffle Skirt 

Jeans Thrift Flip

Ruffle Skirt From Jeans 

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