diy sewing big tote bag | jak uszyć torebkę


Hello, in this DIY/ thrift flip video I sew Big Tote Bag. I bring you step by step tutorial on how to upcycle too big leather skirt and refashion it into Handbag with Zipper. I'm very proud because I used only recycled materials. If you have the possibility try to use recycled materials as well because productions of many materials take liters of water and destroy our enviorment. If you will take care well of your leather bag , you'll be able to give it in future to your granddaughter !. Well cared leather with time starts to look better and better. So let's fell in love with green re/fashion. I hope this video is easy to follow and you have fun watching it !

Diy Sewing Tote Bag

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diy tote bag tutorial 

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Free sewing handbag pattern 


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