How to draft bustier top pattern (easiest way )


Hello 👋😀, in this DIY video tutorial I show you How To make this beautiful and extreme easy bustier  Pattern With Alteration Ideas & Inspirations . I made my best to make it in the most easy way what is possible even very beginners will be able to  self draft this bustier .
 It's basic block pattern. I show in  my video many different possible alteration ideas, also on my blog you can see ready baners with those inspirations. With time I will come back to this basic pattern with new possible alterations.
 See for yourself how super easy it is to create new fall style clothing . 
I hope this video is easy to follow and you have fun watching it ❗ Let's create something beautiful ❗ 

How to draft Bustier Top Pattern

 Easy way to make bustier pattern

                                       Pattern  Alteration Ideas & Inspirations


Bustier pattern with cups free

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