Beginner’s diy denim jacket with free pattern | perfect idea to thrift flip old jeans

  Hello👋😀, in this DIY/ thrift flip video I sew modern patchwork denim jacket. I show you step by step extreme easy beginner friendly sewing tutorial on how to reuse old jeans  and refashion them into totally new jean jacket. With this sewing tutorial I give you also free pattern for this cool and super comfy jacket . All clothing I show on photos and videos are homemade and you can easily sew them yourself . If you are a beginner ...worry not ! this denim jacket is perfect project for you , with my help you will sew your dream jacket!. See for yourself how super easy it is to create new clothing . I hope this video is easy to follow and you have fun watching it ❗ Let's create something beautiful ❗
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Diy Denim Jacket from jeans  


 Patchwork Denim Jacket



how to sew a jacket from jeans with pattern 

step by step sewing tutorial with free pattern 


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